GRITTY'S is an italian avantgarde brand with base in Venice -ITALY - and it is powered by the research and testing of new materials for sectors such as fashion accessory, accessory and home decor/forniture. The name originates from the venetian family Gritti. Family of travelers and traders. The self-made designer Silvia Cogo is ground breaking with constant challenges design/ fashion and conceptual creation within design. Ethical with a sharp attuned focus on sustainable production and product are backbone in the design and creative process for GRITTY'S. The design process is comprised by high quality and artistic responsibility with a particular focus on the sustainability principle. Innovation, is first and foremost expressed in GRITTY'S mission.
Born in 1976 in Padua (Italy), Silvia Cogo graduated in Industrial Design at ISIA (High Institute for Industrial Arts) in Faenza, with a thesis in collaboration with Mandarina Duck. She started several collaborations as product designer and art director for Civico31 Genova (design agency and integrated marketing communications), Pianegonda Jewelry, Alberta Salotti Pacific Supplies , Artesia International Slate Company and Cottoveneto. Over the last 3 years Silvia Cogo back to a research and more experimental approach, creating objects sculpture to wear and furniture items using the knowledge gained in terms of materials and production techniques. In 2010 she founded a self production brand called GRITTY'S. She is also teaching Design Methodology at the ISIA (High Institute for Industrial Arts) of Faenza. Silvia Cogo participates in European training projects overseas, proposing and developing thematic workshops on creative systems in Finland, Spain and Bulgaria. Since 2001 she has succesfully participated at several national and international competitions such as Koizumi International Competition, Lighting Design Competition, Macef Competition, Cefla Competition, Guzzini Competition, Ilpo Spa Polyurethanes, Inda Spa Bathrooms, Red Bull and being finalist of the competition Young & Design Furniture Show Milan 2006 with the project Noha, a sofa made with the company Pacific Alberta Salotti Supplies.